Aquarium Plant Set 60/Aquascape

Simple aquascape with 24 aquarium plants

Using foreground plants around the front ans sides creates a hill in the centre of this composition, acting as the visual focus. As foreground plants we supply low-growing plants such as Lobelia cardinalis 'Mini', Lilaeopsis mauritiana, Hemianthus callitrichoides 'Cuba' or Glossostigma elatinoides.

This aquascape was inspiration for this set:

Planting tip:

Remove the rock wool from the Staurogyne plants. The simplest method is to cut the plants off directly at the base and discard the pot with the rockwool and roots. Plant single stems using pointed forceps. Leave about 2cm of space between each stem. Plant up the entire midground with Staurogyne. The Ludwigias come without roots and can be pulled into the substrate about 4-5 cm deep. Cut the Cyperus roots down to about 4-5 cm length and remove any dead tissue. Prepare the HC by removing the pots, cutting the rockwool off about 8-10mm below the top and dividing each pot into 5-6 pieces. Plant each portion individually. Leave about a 2 cm gap between each portion. We recommend the use of planting forceps!

This set contains:

10 pcs Creeping Staurogyne (Staurogyne repens), 2 Stk Ruby Ludwigia (Ludwigia aff. glandulosa- a rare plant!), 2 pcs Cyprus Plant (Cyperus helferi), 10 pcs "HC" (Hemianthus callitrichoides 'Cuba').

Aquarium plant set Aquascape

Sets make processing orders easier for us as we can choose from regular species which are readily available. We also reserve the right to substitute with similar or higher value species in the unlikely case that a regular species is not available. You benefit from this by saving 10% of the price as compared to buying the plants individually.


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