Aquarium Plant Set 30/B

Set with 9 aquarium plants for 40-50 cm aquaria

Amazon sword, bacopa, crypts and vallisneria have been used since day one in terms of aquarium keeping. These plants have very few requirements and will forgive quite a few beginner's mistakes!

Planting tip:

Remove weights and padding completely. For the rosette plants, cut the roots down to about 3-4 cm. Leave cypts' roots long but remove any dead tissue. Plant by pulling the roots into the substrate to the base of the rosette. Sharp forceps are a great help. Stem plants do not have roots at the time of delivery. Pull them into the substrate about 5-6 cm.

This set contains:

1 pcs Black Amazon Sword (Echinodorus parviflorus), 2 pcs Dwarf Bacopa (Bacopa monnieri), 2 pcs Twisted Vallis (Vallisneria tortifolia), 1 pcs Wendt's Crypt (Cryptocoryne wendtii), 3 pcs Dwarf Crypt (Cryptocoryne parva).

Aquarium plant set for small aquaria

Sets make processing orders easier for us as we can choose from regular species which are readily available. We also reserve the right to substitute with similar or higher value species in the unlikely case that a regular species is not available. You benefit from this by saving 10% of the price as compared to buying the plants individually.


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