Aquarium Plant Set 80 Pro

Set with 18 aquarium plants for 70-90 cm aquaria

With a little additional equipment, the planting set up can be a bit more ambitious. Bacopa australis and the Cyprus plant will enjoy a little extra light. Vivid contrast in colour and habit of the plants contained in this set will make for an interesting aquascape. With 40cm in depth, two light tubes should be provided. CO2 is recommended if your tap water is medium hard to hard. Don't forget to ahnge the water regularly. 1/3rd per week is about right.

Planting tip:

Stem plants do not have roots at the time of delivery. Pull them into the substrate about 5-6 cm. For the rosette plants, cut the roots down to about 3-4 cm. Plant by pulling the roots into the substrate to the base of the rosette. Sharp forceps are a great help. Cut the Cyperus roots down to about 4-5 cm length and remove any dead tissue. The moss is delived bunched, in a small tub or tied to mesh. It is best tied to wood or rock using some black cotton. Tie the cotton around several times. Do not worry about damaging the moss - it will soon start to grow, requiring regular trimming.

This set contains:

5 pcs Bacopa australis (Bacopa australis), 3 pcs Helfer's Zyperngras (Cyperus helferi), 2 pcs Cardinal Flower (Lobelia cardinalis), 1 pc Dwarf Spear Leaf (Anubias Barteri) on a small piece of wood, 2 portions (tubs, bunches or mesh) Moss, 3 pcs Water Wisteria (Hygrophila difformis), 2 pcs Ruby Ludwgia (Ludwigia repens "Rubin"),1 pc Green Farnwort (Cabomba caroliniana).

Aquarium plant set for aquaria of 80 cm length

Sets make processing orders easier for us as we can choose from regular species which are readily available. We also reserve the right to substitute with similar or higher value species in the unlikely case that a regular species is not available. You benefit from this by saving 10% of the price as compared to buying the plants individually.


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