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from €11.90*
€23.80 per Litre

Makro Spezial - Licht delivers the important macro-nutrients nitrogen, potassium and phosphate. Especially fast growers like Glossostigma elatinoides benefit from this fertiliser, which was designed particularly for soil-based tanks. Makro Spezial - Licht adds mostly phosphate and can hence makes an excellent phosphate fertiliser in tanks without a soil-based substrate.

Weekly water changes of 25% to 50% are recommendable. The dosage can be raised or reduced depending on your requirements. If your tank water shows high readings of nitrate and/or phosphate from the start, this fertiliser is not suitable for your aquarium. Makro Special - Licht has been designed to prevent the accumulation of large concentrations of macro-nutrients. If high levels of nitrate and/or phosphate occur, please reduce the dosage.

1 ml Makro Spezial - Licht per 40 litres of aquarium water adds the following nutrients:
NO3 0.37 mg/l 
PO40.2 mg/l
K0.22 mg/l

The basic supply of macro-nutrients in a tank with a soil-based set-up is provided by our water plant fertilisers Makro Spezial - Licht (nitrate, phosphate and potassium), Makro Spezial - K (potassium) and Makro Spezial - N (nitrate). Our aquarium plant fertiliser Aqua Rebell Makro Spezial - Licht has been designed for the use in aquariums with soil-based fertilisers and fast-growing plants like Glossostigma elatinoides. Makro Spezial - Licht closes gaps in the nutrient supply of the soil substrate and thus promotes healthy growth of your water plants.

Dosage per 40 litres
 Ample light + CO2 1 ml per day 
 Little light + CO2 0.5-1 ml per day 
 Without CO2 1 ml per week 

 This dosage suggestion is just a guideline. The dosage may have to be raised or lowered depending on the conditions in your tank in order to give you good results.

Aqua Rebell Makro Spezial - Licht can be used in invertebrate tanks without any problems. It is absolutely harmless for shrimps, crayfish and snails.



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