Ludwigia brevipes

Best kept in soft water with plenty of CO2. As with all ludwigias, fertilisation (trace elements) and plenty of light (0.5W / liter min.) is key to successful growth. Lovely plant for the fore- to midground. Growth is slightly slower than with most ludwigias, making this a suitable aquarium plant for smaller tanks. Regular pruning will encourage bushy growth though. To start off a good population, replant the cuttings to form a dense bushy stand.

This plant is best combined with aquarium plants with small, light green leaves such as Micranthemum umbrosum, Bacopa australis or Hemianthus glomeratus.

This plant is often traded as the similar L. arcuata. However, the submerged leaved of this plant tend to grow a bit longer than those of L. brevipes.


  • lighting
  • temperature
  • acidity
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