Aquarium Plants (In Vitro / Variegated)

Tissue culture of aquarium plants on nutrient substrates allows for a very high and stable quality at any time or season. Storage and transport is much easier with in-vitro cultures and your plants reach you in a perfect and unsurpassed condition. Planting or attaching to decoration is very easy. An additional benefit you have with in-vitro plants: Sterile lab conditions make sure that in-vitro aquarium plants are absolutely snail-free.

Handle in-vitro aquarium plants as follows:

1.) Break open the quality seal and lift off the cap.

2.) Carefully remove the plants together with any remaining gel substrate that may cling to the roots or thalli.

3.) Place the plants and substrate in a separate dish and add some aquarium water.

4.) Plant the individual plantlets or tie to decoration. Preferably, use some pincettes.

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