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invitro-aquarium plants

NEW: In-Vitro-Aquariumplants

Tissue culture aquarium plants are shipped inside their sealed lab containers. They are not only germ-free but also free of toxic pesticides. Your shrimps will love them! These plants are absolutely super-fresh and will immediately start to grow. Here are our three in-vitro plants of the month:

Alternanthera reineckii (In Vitro)

"Red Hygrophila", Water Hedge

Small form of Alternanthera for foreground to midground planting. Demanding and requiring high... more


Rotala indica
(Ammania spec. 'Bonsai') In Vitro

Wonderful, slow growing Rotala species. An abundance of densely spaced, almost circular... more


Hemianthus callitrichoides ''Cuba'' (In Vitro)

Dwarf Helzine, "HC"

This delicate, cushion-forming foreground plant is best used between rocks or as a carpetting... more